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Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia

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Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia

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What is the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry in Australia

The hospitality and tourism industry in Australia is a cornerstone of the country’s economy, contributing over 8.4% to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during 2018-2019 financial year, as reported by Tourism Research Australia (TRA). The sector has seen consistent growth since 2015-2016 when it contributed 5.9%. Tourism is becoming increasingly important for many regional economies in particular with research showing that domestic overnight trip expenditure increased 9 per cent on 2017–18 figures during 2020 compared to pre pandemic levels which had grown 10 percent between 2016/2017 and 2019/2020 years according to ABS National Visitor Survey data released June 2021. In contrast international or overseas visitor numbers fell sharply due mainly but not exclusively because of travel restrictions associated global covid outbreaks . For example flights from Europe were completely banned until recently while other than New Zealand Australians could only return home via quarantine at designated airports overall leading an 88 % drop off rate form previous corresponding periods although some category exemptions did apply such as people holding valid visas , essential health workers and those process compassionate grounds etc.. Australian states have recognised the importance of developing their respective tourist industries even further especially given ongoing shifts away traditional forms entertainment ie online gaming , movie streaming services etc; Huge investments are being attracted particularly environmentally focused projects intended make more diverse nature based experiences accessible across mainland & outlying islands facilities ; this includes development access trails infrastructure new accommodation sites noteworthy eco attractions plus much more all designed bring visitors together magnificent landscapes be enjoyed responsibly – often within protected areas non native species animals plants limited enabling local Aboriginal cultures impart generations wisdom knowledge guided tours rangers appointed maintain area stewardship conservation integrity terms management application heritage laws regulations set state federal governments compliance measures carry fines imprisonment breach protocols deliberately contravened . Gondwana Rainforest World Heritage Area placed 2006 encompasses almost 20000 km² rainforests located along eastern coastlines gives idea just how vital custodianship these places can become sustaining livelihoods increasing appreciation natural resources preserving ecological systems invaluable contribution yearly GDP bottom lines major cities remote settlements alike throughout land down under !

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia

What is the role & importance of the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry Associations in Australia

The hospitality and tourism industry associations in Australia play an important role in the growth of this sector. They are involved in advocating for their members, influencing policy change on issues related to health and safety legislation, professional standards development as well as promoting new trends within the industry. One primary function that is provided by these organisations is lobbying government departments with regards to current regulations or policies which may affect businesses operating within this field. Associations such as Tourism & Hospitality Industry Association (THIA) also aim at improving consumer experience through promotion activities throughout all levels of government whilst providing benefits back into its membership bodys business operations via discounted services providers etc.. This consequently could help spur job creation opportunities by increasing demand from customers thereby generating further investment capital flows into both local communities but more importantly individual travellers alike who can benefit economically when they holiday closer home rather than abroad spending money outside our economy! Additionally many associations provide valuable resources designed around educating staff about correct food handling procedures; customer service skills; occupational health/safety guidelines – making sure there’s compliance across different industries presumably decreases risks associated so it strikes a balance between having good people practice without compromising satisfaction ratings amongst consumers either domestically or internationally courtesy too political destabilisation concerns etc… Whereby engaging national stakeholders not only builds bridges between different workforces but strengthens personal ties where cross-cultural understanding translates during international interactions bridging cultural divides thus naturally boosting local economies due increased tourist visits derived from favourable conditions otherwise created thru appropriate trade agreements struck beforehand rendering scenarios much easier going forward!

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia

What are the benefits of joining a Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry Association in Australia

Networking and Exchange of Ideas: Joining a hospitality & tourism association in Australia is beneficial for organisations as it provides an opportunity to network with other professionals within the sector, allowing them to exchange ideas, best practices and strategies. This can help businesses stay ahead of industry trends, adopt new technologies or solve common challenges that may arise when running a business in competitive markets such as those found throughout Australian cities like Sydney or Melbourne. 2. Expert Insight from Industry Leaders: Memberships also provide access to valuable insights from leading practitioners within their respective fields who are either part of larger associations’ governing board members or simply respected leaders practicing at local levels across various regions around the country; this helps ensure that knowledge base remains relevant and up-to-date on current topics related to both good practice frameworks as well strategic paths forward where applicable making sure future decisions taken by individual companies remain informed ones based upon sound evidence gathered through reliable sources rather than guesswork which could have catastrophic consequences if failed events follow suite due wrong assumptions being made initially without proper validation beforehand 3 Professional Development Opportunities Through Training Programs & Events : Membership typically provides benefits like discounted rates attending specialised workshops , conferences , seminars held over time all designed further enhance existing employees skill sets while concurrently developing whole team structures operating higher service delivery standards bring greater customer satisfaction – something key factors especially growing industries . Specialised trainings certification programmes set out assist meeting standard regulations affecting certain sectors such obtaining ‘green star accreditation contributing towards minimising environmental impact activities undertake lessening carbon footprint work produced meaning positive changes be recognised reducing long term costs associated production processes low efficiency models used until recently but now replaced improved methods contributions others shared platforms formed among peers showcasing successful case studies providing useful data comparisons make better unbiased operational choices moreover still networking opportunities already discussed conversely create approachable scenarios bringing together even virtual communities allow collaboration different areas mobility too 4 Accessibility To Exclusive Benefits For Association Members Only : Subscribing membership not only brings important resources professional advancement another great benefit accessing exclusive offerings services dedicated exclusively associative users parties interested material concerns putting forth annual fees represent consistent income keeping alive initiatives financially backed resource share alike so everyone receives considerable returns form opt participation structured programs aligned goals promote growth development respectively reaching benchmark performance level reputation upkeep client support retention rate increasing sales contracting deals working partnerships established feel secure transactions bilateral trade agreements finally extra rewards loyalty packages become perks staying affiliated its entity

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia

What are the current work opportunities in the Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Industry in Australia

Self-Employed/Freelancer: There are many opportunities for self-employment within the hospitality and tourism industry in Australia. These include roles such as tour manager, travel advisor, wedding planner or event organiser specialising in international destinations, restaurant owner or chef at a local café or diner - to name just a few! Pros of freelancing work is that you have flexible hours and can still manage other commitments alongside your job (such as study) while earning money from an activity related to something you enjoy doing. 2. General Job Market: The Australian government’s Job Outlook lists hundreds of jobs available with employers ranging from small businesses up to large companies across various industries – not only hospitality but also retail trade, transport & storage activities etc.. Examples may include positions like hotel receptionist; barista; sous chef; front desk representative at tourist attractions like theme parks; workshop supervisor organising educational tours on national forests…and so forth . With these kinds of jobs come steady paycheques (relative security), employee benefits including perks such as discounts when dining out …etc., more stable working environments compared with those who freelance plus chances for career advancement once familiarised into certain areas e..g training necessary qualifications). 3. Volunteering Opportunities : In order to gain experience without having taken paid employment there are volunteer options which offer invaluable onsite experiences involving catering services , customer service skills practicing intercultural understanding well Networking ! A good place start looking would be through websites dedicated assisting individuals find suitable placements connecting them both hosting organisations seeking people willing help their causes abroad too

Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Services in Australia